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Established in 2004 by Deep Bhogal, Naz Hayat and Neelesh Bhatnagar, Denaster has emerged as an essential distribution conduit, bridging international vendors with the Middle East market. Strategically headquartered in Dubai, the commercial nexus of the UAE, our focus pivots on delivering quality products to consumers across GCC member states, utilizing our expansive network of retailers and airport distributions.

Boasting a management team that collectively harbours over half a century of global distribution expertise, and powered by a robust workforce of over 100 dedicated employees, we stand perfectly poised to extend comprehensive support to suppliers, ensuring they tap into and effectively penetrate the region’s market. Navigating from initial regional potential analysis to marketing, product positioning, and bulk distribution, we, at Denaster, wield the essential tools to seamlessly introduce premium products into emerging markets.

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Denaster Timeline

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Denaster Timeline
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Founded in 2004 by Deep Bhogal, Naz Hayat and Terry Nomell, Denaster General Trading LLC serves as a distribution link between international vendors and the Middle East. Operating from Dubai, UAE, our focus is the supply of quality products to the consumers of the GCC member states through our distribution network of retailers and airports. With a management team combining over 45 years of experience in the global distribution arena and more than 150 staff, we are perfectly positioned to offer the support suppliers need to fully discover this market's potential. From the initial stages of determining regional potential, through to marketing, product placement and volume distribution, we have the tools needed to introduce quality products to new markets. EXCLUSIVELY DESIGNED FOR DUTY FREE QUALITY REDEFINED We pride ourselves in designing products that are robust, portable & convenient for the everyday traveler. Our products are designed and manufactured using highest quality material and tested at several stages before reaching the consumer. All Lightning cables are Apple Certified ensuring full compatibility with your device. OUR COMMITMENT Travel Ready products can be purchased with total peace of mind. Our commitment to customers means that every product is covered by an 18-month comprehensive warranty. Our highly trained Customer Service professionals are also on hand to provide dedicated support when you need it. is owned and managed by the leading gadget distributor in the Middle East, Denaster General Trading LLC. With over 150 staff we supply all the major retailers and Duty Frees in the Middle East with great products like Sphero and Parrot. The GadgetStore aims to bring you the best gadgets from around the world in this fast moving world of technology.